Revealed! The Email Welcome Sequence Responsible For Over $300+ Million In Sales… 

And How To Get A 10X ROI From Your Investment - 28-Days From Today…

Important: Whether you’re an established copywriter or just starting out, what I’m going to share with you is going to fundamentally change the way you write welcome sequences for clients and make them way more money.

Here's how...

If you don’t have clients yet or are in a famine cycle - offer people to write their email sequence

Having this email sequence in your arsenal is a must as it’ll diversify your abilities and turn you into an invaluable asset to anyone you work with.

Simply as you’ll be optimizing their most important touch point with their audience and when done right, it creates a tsunami of incredible results.

And if you’re just starting out - this training will shortcut a LOT of learning curve while giving you all the info and knowledge you need to become a rockstar in the biz!

I’ve broken everything down into less than 40 mins over 7 short videos.
(The longest is just under 8 mins)

When you apply this information, you will be able to easily make a 10X ROI in the next 28 days from this one-time investment.

So yeah. No excuses. 

Before I go into that, who the fuck am I?

Hi, my name's Adil Amarsi. 

And for the better part of nearly 2 decades, I’ve been known as the underground A-Lister.


Besides surpassing a Billion dollars in sales for my clients combined over the last 15 years as a pro copywriting gun-for-hire.

I’ve written for 422 markets, 17,000+ campaigns, with a very successful campaign run.

Had a few losses which set me back and made me better.

And I’ve helped some of your favourite copywriting guru’s, leaders, and legends along the way.

Leaders like:

  • Jay Abraham
  • Taylor Welch
  • Jenna Faith
  • Dan Meredith
  • Lo Morgan
  • Joel Erway
  • Cassie Howard
  • Brad Costanzo
  • Jason Hornung
  • And many MANY more…

As the guy who psychologically breaks down why copy works and doesn’t work, how it applies to the real world, and then simplifies the motherfucker so you can do it yourself - I know my stuff will work for you.

My stripes have been earned, and as you get to know me, you’ll see what I mean.

I do have a dark sense of humour and will tell you outrageous stories that are all tracked…

(Like the infamous Creatively Outstanding Copywriting Knowledge story)…

Now, the reason this course is unique is simply because you’re getting two courses for the price of one!

I’m going to be breaking down what you get in Version 1.0 (This is WAY MORE IN DEPTH and psychologically driven).

This was done with a live class and is very explanatory to why I do what I do, including word choices and how little changes make the biggest impact.

(I’d suggest revisiting this when you have want to get smarter with copywriting)

Version 2.0: This is the shortened version of my training that is to the point.

Meaning, the swipe pdf is ready for you to use.

The short video explains the concept and then you apply.

It’s designed for anyone to just take this training, take on a client, execute and profit.

So Here’s What You’re Going To Get Inside The Greatest Welcome Sequence Training (The Full Expanded Version)...

Email #1:

Welcome to the party, pal!

The welcome email is one of the most powerful and important emails you could have in your arsenal!

By getting this email wrong, you'll be burning your new subscribers right out of the gate.

Doing this right, however, will not only build your authority, but also establish your positioning, and most importantly... Create a powerful bond between your readers and yourself.

I’ll cover:

  • How to structure your welcome email
  • What to include and what actions your customers need to take
  • The heavy, psychological stuff you need to know (don't worry I make this fun and memorable)
  • How to come up with your own subject lines for your first email
  • And so much more

Email #2: 

Let's go on a date

Email #2 is all about knowing your subscriber, building that bond even deeper while starting to wine and dine them - proverbially of course.

By the end of this email, your reader is going to be wanting to know you more.

Also, this is the perfect basis to start writing emails like this to your list - all nurturing but also being about the business.

Inside Email #2, I'm going to share:

  • What the next steps are to keep your open rates high
  • How to keep your audience captivated, entertained, and informed
  • Why people screw this up (and how to fix it if you already screwed it up before)
  • How to use stories from your everyday life for evergreen email sequences
  • And so much more!

Email #3: 

The One-Two Set-Up

This is a bit of a 2-parter, similar to how this email sequence is a 1-2 punch combo.

I'm going to share how you can combine 2 forms of email writing styles to create the perfect content and promotional emails, while also giving your audience Edutainment (Educational entertainment).

Email 3 is the set up to Email #4.

Inside Email #3 I’ll reveal:

  • How to create the right type of content to get your readers salivating to read your email
  • Why you want to cleverly disguise your content in a story
  • How to craft your story content
  • Link placement (advanced)
  • And much more.

This leads to email #4...

Email #4:

A Call To Arms

This is the promotional part of the email combo.

It's the part 2 you've been waiting for.

Essentially, I'm going to show you how to write your own version of Empire Strikes Back (Yeah Star Wars references happen)!

I once did this over a 7 part email sequence that brought in $15,000 with a small list of 200 people selling a $500 product.

I'm going to share:

  • How to write a subtle pitch into your email story
  • Why your audience will appreciate this
  • How to easily ask for the sale in an email or to get the click you want.

Email #5:

Adventure awaits (Stories and more)

So by now, we've reached a point in your journey where you might start to wonder... "What the hell do I write about now?"

This is a question I do get asked by my private students quite often.

In Email #5, I'm going to reveal:

  • The email story formula I use
  • How to craft emails that are entertaining and share your philosophy with your audience
  • Where, in your everyday life, you can find a treasure trove of stories
  • The power of lists
  • And so much more...

Email #6:

Case Studies

In Email #6, you would've pitched your product a handful of times and might feel like you're bombarding your audience to just keep buying.

But that's not a mistake, how you go about it, however... That may be.

So I'm going to show you how you can use Case studies to drive home your points and trigger the desire to buy your products and services.

In Email #6 - you'll uncover:

  • What sorts of case studies to use.
  • How to ask for and leverage testimonials
  • Why they work and how to pitch your product in a welcome manner
  • When to use these types of emails 
  • And more

Email #7:

Finalization & Continuation

As we reach our 7th email in this series.

What you're going to be given here is the template I use as a pitch template.

This means you're going to be selling from this email.

A lot of people don't feel comfortable asking for the sale but I'm going to give you a simple way to do so in emails.

On top of that, the formulas I share with you throughout this will enable you to keep writing beyond 7 emails and add to your autoresponder series.

In Email #7 we're going to cover:

  • How to write a sales email
  • Why they work
  • How to use my formulas and emails sequences for further emails down the line

Essentially, This Is How You Keep Making Money With A List Way After The Initial Sequence.

Version 2.0 - you’re getting the quick and dirty.

I’m going to be giving you the explanation to the emails, why they work, the breakdown of how to fill out the framework with an example of each.

You just have to swipe and edit these emails to your own voice and style and bam! 

Instant sequence.

I’ve had one of my students create a new email sequence in less than 6 hours of writing over 2 days - This was Adrian Moreno, the podcast guy!

I’ve even had a friend and student, Tom Bisson, rewrite his entire 14 email sequence in just 4 hours!

And that’s nothing compared to Florjan Avsenek - who’s used the principles of my training to write 2, 90 day email sequences in his native land and in English!

Not to mention the little-fact, I’ve made my clients over $300 million with this exact sequence over the years!

Want to read/see their testimonials and more?
Read below:

Adil is AMAZING!

Seriously, listen up to what he has to say!

Adil had spoken about email subject lines and structures on a live call recently with my mentor Stephen Somers. I implemented what he said the very next day and IMMEDIATELY got my client booked in on a top podcast!

Rachel Clancy

Podcast Agency Owner

I've been working with Adil for a few months now, and the consultancy sessions he has held with me have already shown incredible financial results.

On my most recent launch, Adil's copy suggestions generated me over £3.5k in less than 48 hours.

Not to mention the numerous other pieces of gold Adil has suggested, he comes with my highest recommendation if you are looking for anything in relation to copywriting, sales letters, storytelling, emails, and more.

Adil is your man!

Chris Taylor

Florjan Avsenek

Fitness trainer and influencer.

Adrian Moreno

What’s the price, Adil?

Okay, so I’ve already told you what’s possible, you’ve seen the testimonials, and I mentioned the price above. 

It’s a one-time fee of $97.

That’s right, you’re getting some insane secrets for less than $100.

WHY, ADIL, it makes no sense?!

Well, to me it does.

See, I’ve helped a fuck load of people over the decades I’ve been in the game.

I do have higher priced items and ways to work with me but I wanted to make the journey easier for those who are still coming up!

I’ve been in the spot where I knew that if I had access to a training like this, I could increase my skills and charge more.

So I wanted to price something that’s attainable and will give you an easy 10x ROI.

(If you want to know how to 10x your ROI, then check the bonus section…)

To get started all you’ve gotta do is click the order button below where you’ll be taken to a ThriveCart checkout page.

Enter your regular details and complete your order.

In 15 minutes you’d have registered, logged in, and started going through my first video.

(I’d suggest starting with version 2.0, making an ROI, then going through version 1.0.)

Trust me, the 1.0 version will make you a deadlier copywriter and allow it to be a transferable skill to every other area of your life and business. 

Remember, you’re getting access to both versions of my Welcome sequence training.

Now, let’s talk bonuses.

Bonus #1: 

The P.S. Report.

You'll receive a video where I discuss how to write perfect P.S.'s with your emails that sum up your emails and make your offer and clicks far more persuasive.

People mess this up a LOT!

This’ll make your life a ton easier.

Bonus #2: 

Email Formatting.

People make this mistake a lot.

(Designers: That weird centered text look is so 2005 high school!) 

This mini-report is exactly what you need in order to know how to best format your emails so they're not only read but also influential and easily retained in your reader's mind!

People who remember your ideas, end up becoming fans of yours.

This is a powerful principle I’ve tested in so many markets and it works.

Bonus #3: 

How To 10x Your ROI.

(Read This)

I’m not giving you this bonus - I’m going to write it out for you here because it doesn’t need to be complex.

Simply reach out to an old client, a friend, someone who has something to sell, or post this on a job board on your social media platform and ask them to hire you to write their welcome sequence.

First client can pay you $1k (or more) depending on your reputation… That’s $903 profit.

Give yourself a 2-3 week deadline.

Now, you get the copy done, take a day or two and then edit it.

Finally hand it into the client to test.

Check the month your welcome sequence goes live.

Fun tip: Read their existing welcome sequence and get inspired from their current writing style.

This’ll make it way easier to update their copy and write your own.

Now, all you’ve got to do is write the damn copy.

Bonus #4: 

Squeeze Page Secrets.

There is a way to build opt-in pages that convert like crazy.

Ever since adding testimonials to my opt-in pages in 2014, I’ve always seen an increase in subscribers.


Well, I cover the mechanics inside this bonus including the layout, how many bullets, and where to place your testimonial for maximum results.

Remember, I’m giving you BOTH versions of my course.

You’ve seen the testimonials.

You’ve heard of the results.

And for $97, I’m essentially giving you the keys to the kingdom.

One thing I’ve neglected to tell you until now.

When I was an active copywriter for clients vs my own stuff, I routinely charged between $800-1,500 per email (the average was $1,000 per email), meaning a welcome sequence would routinely fetch me between $6,500 - 10,000.

Imagine what you could do as you build up your skills.

Not bad for a few days of work.

What’re you waiting for?

Go to the checkout page and complete your order today.

Enter your regular details and get started today.

Be continually awesome,


P.S. As a copywriter, writing email sequences is an easy way for your clients to make money and for you to upgrade your copy chops! 

P.P.S. I’ve already told you how to easily pitch a welcome sequence to someone for $1k. 

Meaning you could get a client first then invest $97 into this training to make your life infinitely easier. 

The choice is yours.

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