Adil Amarsi

My name's Adil Amarsi and to many, I'm known as The Underground A-Lister.

Why am I called "The Underground A-Lister"?

I've written copy, professionally from the time I was 18 (Late 2007) but started in 2001, unconsciously writing ads for my dad.

Over the decades I've written over 17,000+ campaigns, generated over $900 Million in Sales (updated 2022), and well over $1.3 Billion from my advice, copy, methods, and through my students.

I personally love writing copy as it's an inside look into the mind of the average person and gives you a great view of how people operate. 

I've always loved how people think and there are very few avenues for me to apply the applied psychology I've toiled and learned over the last 21 years of my life.

Unfortunately my notoriety is limited to those who know and many who don't.

The reason - I used to suck at self-promotion.

Like I thought if I was good enough, people would just beat a path to my door.

Spoiler - they won't.

So after 10+ years of professionally honing my craft and showing off to my clients, friends, and copywriters in arms (many of which you'll see testimonials from), I finally plucked up the courage to put myself out there a bit more.

Then in 2021, one of the least awesome things could happen (but they're natural to happen), my dad died.

During this time, I kinda lost my way a little bit and it took me nearly 18 months of depression to overcome the heavy grief of it all.

The upside?

I knew I had a purpose.

Initially it was mentoring copywriting students through the Copywriting Mastery Mentoring Program or the CMMP for short with my business partner (and all around legend), Shiv Shetti.

(NOTE: If you're a copywriter and want some incredible mentoring from 4 A-List copywriters and an insane personal support network - check it out by clicking this link). 

Then it turned into more.

I knew I wanted to revamp everything I taught about copywriting and bring something incredible to the industry - plus I was tired of people stealing my shit and just ripping people off.

So I cut my long grief hair (it was down to my shoulders), reset my life, and decided I'd find myself.

A short trip to Tanzania turned into a decision to relocate to the beautiful island of Zanzibar and do my deeper healing where my roots are.

After months of healing, I finally decided to launch Greatest Copywriter Alive...

What's The Greatest Copywriter Alive About?

After going through a lot of recovery and figuring things out, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to leave a legacy.

Something to help copywriters not make my mistakes and to capitalise from my them, while the CMMP was kicking ass, I could only impact a small fraction of who I wanted to impact.

So I got to building this blog.

I'd owned the domain for nearly a decade and it was time.

What started out for copywriters only quickly evolved to help business owners of any kind increase their revenue, response, and reputation using the principles I'd mastered over my life time.

And that's what Greatest Copywriter Alive is about.

It has very little to do with me, though I'll happily accept the accolade when I've earned it.

This site is about making you the greatest copywriter alive for yourself.

I want this site to be as much of an impact on you as John Carlton or Chris McCombs' blogs were to me.

How Is This Going To Impact You?...

Like I said.

I'm here for your business.

I've recruited friends, copywriters, masters of their chosen fields to interview, write for me, and share their story.

I'm also going to be giving away many secrets that will help you raise bottom line revenues for yourself and your clients, how to charge what you're worth, and how to overcome the shit I wish I knew sooner.

Like the stuff I picked up on how to stand out of a crowd, enable your self belief, and own your legacy.

This isn't just any old website, it's going to have a deep impact on you.

If you have questions, I do a weekly mailbag where I'll happily answer questions and I'm always here to help.

Be continually awesome.

P.S. I do have a great program that's $2,000 / year.

It's called the Encyclopedia of Copy - it's where I share every structure, idea, and proven strategy I've ever used for clients.

It's designed to be the ultimate copywriting program, and as a bonus I'll show you how to make your money back ASAP.

And a bunch of other cool things.

If you're game, go here:


Mark Kington
Before I knew Adil, I was struggling to write copy.

I can whole heartedly say that if I had never met Adil, I wouldn't be as effective, well-known, or have worked with the clients I've worked with.

Adil loves helping people and I can attest to that. 

If you have the opportunity to learn from him, do it... He will blow your mind.